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Why You Should Switch To Epoxy Flooring!

As you may have seen, many businesses are now switching to Epoxy flooring. The main reason this is being done is simply because it is very low maintenance. A low maintenance floor allows for liquids to not be absorbed so easily and the clean up is fast and easy. The other reason is the "look" it gives your business or home. Some floors look like marble and are instantly a conversation piece or give your business an upscale look. Some homes have been upgrading to epoxy even though hardwood flooring remains that more popular option at this point but those that have made the switch would never go back to any other kind of flooring. What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring is created by combining a chemical polymer that hardens into a plastic-based resin. That results in a shiny, hardened coat that is resistant to most impacts and stains. The finished coating is very durable as it can resist most foot traffic, wear and tear, liquids and direct impacts. This is why businesses have picked up on the idea of Epoxy Flooring, as it is just more durable and creates this efficiency when it comes to maintenance. The floors are great for homes too especially if you have kids a big family and pets. Any spills or daily foot traffic don't affect the floor as much as hardwood or carpet flooring. Modern Day Concrete is able to provide free quotes if you are ever interested or in the market for Epoxy Floors. If you want to do it yourself we have all the tools and materials you need to get your flooring looking beautiful today! You can browse our products here!

Colors & Lighting

Whether you are upgrading your home or business you are able to pick colors that can stand out or add specific touches to your liking. You can add a business logo to your floor or add a decorative touch such as flakes of metals or gold. The floors are very customizable to fit your very design aesthetic. While many home owners complain about their bathroom or kitchen not having the lighting they desire, Epoxy Floors have a shiny reflection creating a soft bouncy glow. Many kitchens or restrooms maintain a shadowy feel and look and others just don't have enough windows to create natural light, epoxy floors are a solution to many of these issues. While you can purchase an expensive new light fixture and still not get the results you desired a new floor can add more light to any area or room. Environmentally and User Friendly! There is a misconception that Epoxy Flooring isn't good for homes since it is mostly used in industrial settings, nothing can be further from the truth. Once the materials dry up, you never have to worry about them again. You won’t notice any odors after the initial new floor smell wears off. Carpets have risks of formaldehyde and acetones lingering around not to mention high amounts of Teflon and man made chemicals, as epoxy floors are perfectly safe once they dry up. That means that if you have children or pets running about, they’re doing so in a safer environment. Epoxy Floors are a greener flooring alternative over traditional material types. There are no trees to cut down for wood or fibers while they get produced, therefore, reducing the amount of pollution used in your installation. Not only is it safer for you and your family it is a greener option all around. A complete win-win solution for your business or home floors! Now that you know how much epoxy flooring can improve your business or home plus help the efficiency in cleaning why not get started on the process? You can reach out to us with any and all questions you may have about starting your next flooring project. We understand this can be something you're planning on for a few weeks down the line, and that is perfectly fine. We are here to help you! Click here to check out one of our partners work when they used out products! If you have any questions call us today! If you're in San Antonio you can call 210-310-3774 If you are in Austin, call 512-436-8250.

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