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Upgrading to Polished Concrete? Here is the info you need before purchasing!

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Polish Concrete can come in different levels of gloss, from matte finish to high gloss and classes of aggregate exposure , from none to large aggregate. This can play a factor in your price per sqft. There are three large factors that go into pricing.

-Grit Level

-Aggregate exposure

-Stain or no stain

Lone Star Decorative Concrete Supply sales all the products that you will need in order to acheive success. We also recommed different installation companies because you need to be an expert as this is not just an investment it's a new look for your home or business. We have done and seen it all when it comes to the Polish Concrete projects and can help you put together your dream into reality. Why do it by yourself when you can have an efficient expert doing it for you?

Polished concrete is low maintenance not no maintenance. At Lone Star Decorative Concrete Supply we educate you on the maintenance and how easy and low cost it is to keep your floor beautiful for a lifetime.

One of our most important values is the customer service. We want to go beyond and provide an excellent experience since the moment that you chose us as a partner. We really want to take care of each customer and each project as well; we never leave customers alone, our goal will always walking with them through their grow and success. We will be glad to help you and advice you on any question or doubt that you could have with the material or installation.


Lone Star Decorative Concrete Supply Team

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