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Concrete Poles

Who We Are

We are a Retail Store that supplies the Construction Industry offering different solutions for commercial as well as for residential flooring projects. These kinds of products are decorative, industrial, and commercial grade. We offer equipment for sales and rentals, such as, concrete polishing grinders and wet and dry vacuums among others. However, the overall technical expertise we have acquired for concrete polishing, staining & stamping, & all kinds of epoxy or urethane floorings, is the “know-how” backed by 20 years of installation experience.

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Our Mission

Provide the most advanced technological equipment and materials for the decorative concrete market. Our employees are well prepared with extensive training on

a)  "Product Knowledge”: Theory & “hands-on- lab. training"

b)  "The Correct Attitude”: Integrity, teachable and motivation”

c)  "Time Management Skills”. The most valuable asset.

Lone Star Decorative Concrete Supply is 100% committed to serve customers achieve their business goals, by working and walking together on each project; helping our clients to reach success on any challenge that we might face as a team.

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Our Vision

We are growing step by step, to become one of the top decorative concrete stores in the U.S.A. We want to be a leading part of the new technologies, products, and processes.

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Main Business Objective

Building relationships for life with our customers based on trust, expertise, and service. At the same time, we want to keep a healthy and profitable retail store with unlimited possibilities of success.

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Why Choose Us As A Business Partner

As a leading source in the San Antonio and Austin markets, we have superior knowledge and expertise to advise our business partners on different flooring materials such as: all epoxy products; polyurethane, acrylics, metallics, polyaspartic, Concrete overlays and underlayment, micro topping and, last but not least; advice to acquire or rent the most proper equipment and tools that you need.   

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