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San Antonio, TX

SurfKoat POLYKOAT GL 70 - Polyaspartic 2G

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Product Details

PolyKoat GL 70 is a two component Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea utilizing innovative proprietary Nano technology . It provides a high gloss clear coating. It's extremely quick curing time provides unmatched saved labor above many epoxies and polyurethanes. PolyKoat GL 70 can be used for most types of interior applications over properly prepared surfaces. It's superior penetration and bonding strength can provide years of abrasion, impact, and wear resistance. PolyKoat GL 70 boasts chemical splash/spill resistance and hot tire pick-up resistance much like it's epoxy counterpart. PolyKoat GL 70 can be used easily in conjunction with quartz, chip, and rubberized aggregate systems.

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