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Epoxy Flooring Installation Equipment in San Antonio, TX

Rapid Set® Asphalt Repair Mix Bag - 50lb

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Product Details
Clover Product ID: 0BCE1GSFX14VA

Asphalt Colored, Cement-Based Pot Hole Fill & Repair Material

Ready to use, for full depth repairs up to 24".

Stays flat: Little to no subsidence.

Higher durability than conventional asphalt.

Rapid Set® Asphalt Repair Mix is a cement-based, flexible, low-shrinkage, fast-setting pot hole fill and repair material. It greatly extends the life of asphalt because it resists cracking, bonds exceptionally well to existing asphalt, stays intact during service, and prevents washout. Use for driveways, parking lots, roads, potholes and more.

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