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San Antonio, TX

LS Industrial + GPP Polyaspartic 2G Kit

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UPC: LS5500

Aliphatic MDI and multifunctional blend formulated in Polyurea/Aspartic as a slow system for warm, humid conditions. High Humidity will shorten the set time of many aliphatic aspartic products.

The LS Industrial + GPE Polyaspartic is formulated to work with the high heat and humidity to allow for more working time while still providing

The excellent results as found in the LS Industrial + product systems. The polymer structure is very clear and may be pigmented, is non-yellowing, very tough, excellent color retention, good chemical resistance with excellent adhesive properties. Polyaspartic is a reactive

two component system highly resistant to staining and marking. The Polyaspartic systems are “roll-down" products that are a clear finish coat with good elongation and flexibility. The systems do not become brittle as other aspartic products and are completely Aliphatic or UV resistant with excellent color stability.

This product conform to the requirements of the USDA for incidental food contact and are formulated to be non-color changing, abrasive resistant, non-brittle, flexible, quick set with impact resistance.
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