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San Antonio, TX

LS Industrial + GPE White Epoxy (1.5G Kit)

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Product Details
UPC: LS6009 - White - 1.5G

100% solid advanced technologyy of diglycidyl ether of bisppenol‐A resin reacted with a modified multiple ring cycloaliphatic amine adduct activator. The resulting polymer structure is extremely tough with very good chemical resistance to corrosive waters and various other chemicals. Resistant to amine blush and water spotting with convenient pre-measured kits, 2:1 ration and overnight cure.
It is formulated to be hard, durable, impact and abrasion resistant. The primary use of this 2:1 ratio product system is for industrial floor coatings, industrial work areas, shops, show rooms floors, commercial floors and forklift traffic work areas.

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