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Epoxy Flooring Installation Equipment in San Antonio, TX

LS Industrial + Clear Epoxy (3G Kit)

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Product Details
Clover Product ID: 64HMA8DHSAB2M
UPC: LS7278-3GK
Brand: LS Industrial +

LS Industrial + Clear Epoxy:

  • Virtually free of VOC.
  • Produces a rapidly installed, decorative seamless floor coating at a moderate cost.
  • Monolithic. Can incorporate an integral cove base. Eliminates unsanitary build-up of bacteria.
  • Resistant to many chemicals, including brake fluid, gasoline, many acids solutions and other reagents. See Chemical Resistant Guide for specific details.
  • Slip-Resistant - An array of slip-resistant surface textures available. ADA compliant (meets 0.6 flat surface and 0.8 ramped surface minimums).
  • Maintenance - Built to take repeated scrubbings
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